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Imperial Lake View Resort and Golf Club

Imperial Lake View Resort and Golf Club

With 36 holes over its four 9-hole courses, Imperial Lake View Golf Club offers an impressive variety of play with two complete 72 par layouts. The four segments are called Mountain, Lake, Desert, and Links – giving some idea of their general features – the variety here rewards repeat visits to sample the best features of the different layouts.

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The Mountain Course (Course A) features undulating surfaces to increase the thrill of fairway shots as well as the appeal of putting on the greens. The mature trees make for blind shots to some greens, and the several doglegs will test the skills of low handicap players.

Divided from The Mountain Course by the large lake that gives it its name, The Lake Course (Course B) has a refreshing atmosphere and many bodies of water that can prove challenging.

The Desert Course (Course C), also known as the Arizona Style course, provides an incredible adventure for the golfer seeking to brave an arid landscape of cacti and rocks. Bunkers abound making it a challenging course where you must plan every move carefully and patiently. Mixing these nine holes with those from the main course provides most with an extremely fulfilling round of golf.

The Links Course (Course D) boasts the wide open spaces and windy expanses of a links course and will challenge golfers who enjoy long drives and thoughtful planning in their games.

Imperial Lake View Resort and Golf Club Special Rates

PeriodGreen Fee Only
(Excluding Caddy Fee and Golf Cart)
31 October 2020
Golf Cart [1]Caddy FeeCaddy Tip [2]Follower Fee [3]
These are the additional fees that you may have to pay directly to the golf course
฿750 / person
฿350 / person
฿350 / person
NA / person
  • [1] The golf cart is available as optional. Maximum 1 golfer per cart is permitted. The golf cart rental is ฿750/cart/person.
  • [2] Rates are NOT include the caddy tip. Tip to the caddy after the round is customary, the recommended tip starts at ฿350 and upwards depending on your satisfaction with the caddy performance.
  • [3] Follower fees must be paid to the proshop, if you have non-golfers accompany into the course please inform us in the booking form.
Imperial Lake View Golf Club4 Star Rating
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Imperial Lake View Resort and Golf Club

GPS Location: 12°42'21.4" N, 99°53'19.5" E

Year Established: 1993
Designed by: Mr. Roger Packard
Par: 72
Caddy: Compulsory
Golf Cart: Optional
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